Pulmonary Associates, Inc. is a locally owned and operated home medical equipment provider with more than 29 years experience.

Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality equipment and service. The professional healthcare staff is available to assist you.

Our thorough staff maintains all equipment to accommodate our customers without delays.

“We go the extra mile. We do deliveries, offer prompt service and we try to work with our patients,” said Ginny Haines, CEO of Pulmonary Associates Inc.

Come see our showroom, we also carry a large selection of uniforms and scrubs by Cherokee.

Contact Us

Romney Office
Phone: 304-822-8611
Fax: 304-822-8060
Hours: M – F 9 – 5

Petersburg Office
Phone: 304-257-9758
Fax: 304-257-1774
Hours: M – F 9 – 5

Keyser Office
Phone: 304-788-2335
Fax: 304-788-4372
Hours: M – F 9 – 5

Emergency/ After Hours
Web Inquiries, e-mail us: Ginnyh@atlanticbbn.net

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